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We formulate a question and hypothesis in which we test.  There, we gather observations.  We take time to analyze and interpret the data to draw our conclusion.  Sharing our findings with others, we are validated, built upon or revised. 

There is no better way to learn than by doing.

Humans are naturally drawn to scientific exploration and discovery.  Beginning at a young age, we innately want to know how things work around us. Science fuels that spirit of inquiry often with a hands-on approach taken in most science classes. Students of science grapple with the topics of their courses and the skills aimed for mastery -- by doing science.  

Chemistry is often a notorious course, as the subject aims to understand macroscopic phenomena through the atomic interactions and behavior.  It is a subject that can often layer in mathematic reasoning, where complex topics are blurred with the abstract.  This site is provided for everyone to learn by doing chemistry.